I spend most of my time working on various code fixes and have this whole repository of free open source code, which I am sharing in the hopes that it will be useful for other people.

The thing is, I have noticed that without it being explicitly linked on some page that people actually visit, it doesn’t show up in the search results (which is a bit of a bummer in my effort to make things that are useful to other people…; I noticed GitLab has been working on it for 3 years, apparently without much success). I titled this blog “activities”, because those are my activities. I guess you don’t have any way to know I was working on stuff, if I don’t write about it right? But… I make various fixes as needed and don’t end up documenting my work to you specifically. So I was thinking maybe I could set up some automation to pull the GitLab RSS feed and share it on my LinkedIn or something.

I thought maybe putting up this little blog entry and letting you explicitly know that I’ve made these things so that they could be useful to you, would encourage you to take a look at them and see if you could use them.

I know it’s a lost cause when I ask my coworkers to look at the code I made, because… I don’t know. I’m considered “an expert” and this means that nobody dares attempt to do what I am good at. I firmly believe that if I can accomplish something so can everyone else, because we’re simply not that different. It’s depressing that nobody even attempts it, considering I’d much rather help other people be actually interested in this stuff, than be some kind of king of the hill top expert who is the only one in the company who can do all the complicated stuff.

I’m not talking specifics, because I’m kind of random-minded and I work on a lot of different things. There are some old archives of websites made entirely in XSLT because I enjoyed the challenge. My job mainly revolves around Ansible these days (this is not my work repo, I have that code under the company name, these are free equivalents I wrote in my free time), but in my downtime I’m most proficient in PHP. So most projects are about those things.

Everything is open source based, so there’s plenty of documentation all around for you to read up on how everything is supposed to fit together. Heck, I’d even be willing to provide some 1:1 support regarding how to use the stuff if anyone asked. So far, the only people using my code have been hackers, who thought of using the source code to exploit the services I have on my servers which use some of this code. Again, kind of depressing.

Ok, I think this is sufficient placeholder text for the search engines not to consider this one a fake.


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