Hey everyone, It’s been a while since I updated this blog. It doesn’t seem much traffic so one has to wonder what’s the point, but I suppose it’s one of the avenues in which I can broadcast some of my thought process to other people. Perhaps someone will be inspired by something I wrote and […]


Hey guys, The title is a joke, so apologies if you came here through Google, expecting to find something actually on the topic of the transmitter. I just thought I’d share a curious tidbit of research that I did which holds no special useful value other than to satisfy a bit of curiosity. So I’ve […]


Hello, I spend most of my time working on various code fixes and have this whole repository of free open source code, which I am sharing in the hopes that it will be useful for other people. The thing is, I have noticed that without it being explicitly linked on some page that people actually […]


Hello, I suppose the title is a bit of a swear word in that I don’t really appreciate it being used as a label against me. While I suppose I’d be hard pressed trying to convince you that I am not autistic, considering this blog’s focus on tech and computer games. The truth is I […]

NFS boot Ubuntu Linux 22.04

Hello, I suppose that nothing is preventing me from using this blog to signal-boost my other projects. A while ago I researched and wrote complete step-by-step instructions, on how to set up a server and the client OS to boot over NFS: This will work with a modern Ubuntu such as 22.04 , whereas […]


Hello, One of the things I enjoy superficially dabbling in is philosophy. Lately I’ve taken some time to watch some thought-provoking movies, as well as revisiting some old ones and it’s always interesting to explore the concepts presented in them. Especially considering that some people have taken inspiration from these to form philosophies they also […]