First entry

Hello everyone,

So sometime in 2016 I’ve decided to migrate my tech blog to somewhere self-hosted but I never got around to it. Typically I would code my site myself, however this time around I don’t feel like spending all the time and tinkering needed to set it up. I just want this over with, haha.

So, welcome. This blog will contain techy stuff that would be worth posting about in English. I do also have a tech blog in Slovenian, which is educational in nature, however sometimes I just get ideas or somesuch that I want to put online somewhere so people have a chance to see them, should a random Google search lead them this way. I’m sure the AI knows if you really wanted to know my idea or not. 😛 Aye I realize nobody will ever see or read this stuff, but… it’s worth a shot.

I might also occasionally spam this blog with various other thoughts that I sometimes get inspired with.


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